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A look at memorable 2012 art exhibitions in Pittsburgh
December 26, 2012
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Marcellus Shale Documentary Project at Pittsburgh Filmmakers. Six exceptional photographers spread across Pennsylvania to witness and photograph the pros and cons of gas drilling. The resultant exhibition is both art and public service.

In the Marcellus Shale Documentary Project, photographers take a nuanced approach to a complex topic
December 26, 2012
City Paper

This powerful and well-conceived exhibition addresses a timely issue with intelligence and honesty, and with an exceptionally high standard of visual storytelling.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers exhibit looks at impact of Marcellus Shale drilling
October 24, 2012
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Gas drilling in Pennsylvania has become a contentious issue that pits perceived winners against losers. A half-dozen accomplished photographers felt the discussion was more nuanced, and they spread out across the state to record the effects of this rapidly expanding industry upon families and communities.

The "Marcellus Shale Documentary Project" is the result, comprising a significant book and website, and an exceptional exhibition at Pittsburgh Filmmakers Galleries, where a free public forum will be held from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday.

Collectively Photographing Fracking
October 11, 2012
The New York Times Lens

The most basic thing that photography does is visually describe what can be seen. The problem facing photographers of the Marcellus Shale Documentary Project is that what they wish to describe cannot be seen — an invisible gas buried deep underground. They have struggled to document the effect of the natural gas drilling commonly known as fracking.

The MSDP on PublicSource
May 11, 2012

PublicSource is displaying the work of six photographers taking part in an independent project focusing on the impact of Marcellus Shale drilling and pipeline building on individuals and communities in Pennsylvania.